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Chuma Wildfire and Conservation cc was started in 2003 by Arnold Swart.

We are passionate about the safe management of wildfires through the reduction of fuel loads as preventative measures and the safe management of operations, with the correct equipment and trained personnel. Conservation of our natural resources is a passion of all members and forms an integral part of the company

It is our vision to attribute to biodiversity conservation and safe wildfire management for all concerned in the different fields.

Chuma Wildfire and Conservation Service’s management team have more than 100 years collective experience in veldfire (forest fire) management in South Africa, particularly related to fire planning, Risk Assesment and Fire investigation

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Based in the western cape, Chuma Wildfire and Conservation Services cc is a level 4 B BBEE company that trades in all Integrated Fire Management services and related equipment throughout South Africa.


The current state of the industry poses massive opportunities as the effects of climate change world- wide is causing increased fire risk. There are not enough qualified and experienced fire managers in the country. The growth the last few years have been tremendous. Without proper planning and management intervention a time bomb is created that can go off at any time. Larger fires and more intense fires are currently experienced due to lack of effective fuel load management.
We specialize in “origin and cause of wildfire investigations”

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